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Spur student, parent and alumni involvement with Zaahah, the safest mobile and web application to manage school-sponsored activities. The Zaahah platform is designed to provide many firsts:

  • Share non-academic information with parents, alumni and the community, creating essential school-wide engagement and involvement
  • Partition students from adults, eliminating online predators
  • Provide users a place to explore their interests to connect and collaborate with other users who share similar interests
  • Access a dashboard that provides insight into school-wide involvement and opportunities for improvement

Youth Organizations

Improve communication with your state directors, advisors and individual chapters, while enabling your organization to be easily discovered by schools, parents and students. Zaahah is the perfect tool to:

  • Improve communication and engagement within your community
  • Facilitate collaboration and involvement across the organization
  • Maximize student participation with innovative and safe online communities
  • Create communities for national conferences and competitive events
  • Grow your membership by being discovered by interested parties